SoonMoon Update | July 16, 2021

1 min readJun 16, 2021

Dear Community,

It’s now more than more than three weeks since we launched SoonMoon, a fully decentralized IDO platform for token and NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain Network. SoonMoon token is a deflationary defi token that takes a 4% fee from each transaction made with the token then generates 2% liquidity and 2% reward distributed to holders.

SoonMoon is pleased to announce that the LP Tokens were burned yesterday and thereby locking liquidity forever. With this burn, SoonMoon aims to provide SoonMoon holders with long-term benefits and to support price stability by preventing major price fluctuations.

At first glance, the SoonMoon task may seem daunting and momentous. That’s why, at SoonMoon, we are on a mission to discover ways in which SoonMoon holders can secure long-term profits. For this reason, SoonMoon will be releasing the latest whitepaper in the coming days explaining how the SoonMoon use case and tokenomics work.

As we are continuing to build the decentralized IDO platform to make fundraising in the crypto space easier and fairer, a big thank you to the SoonMoon community.

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SoonMoon is a fully decentralized IDO launchpad for tokens and NFTs on BSC, which taxes transactions and pays out 2% to holders and locks 2% to LP.